Pinventions Wins “Editor’s Choice” Blue Ribbon and “Best in Class” Red Ribbon at 2014 World Maker Faire


I was happy to just be accepted as an exhibitor to this amazing event, and I had no expectations of winning any awards. Heck- I didn’t even know they gave awards!

But to be recognized in 2 different categories by the editors and organizers of this amazing organization is very satisfying- not sure if a few $1 ribbon makes up for hundreds of hours of work, frustration, testing, problem solving and troubleshooting, but it was great to climb out of the darkness and into the bright lights of this show. If nothing else it provides notice that “You done good, and we like what you did.”

I’d like to thank Brian Jepson and Nick Normal- both associated with Make in one way or another, but each very supportive of my unique, quirky hobby-business of pinball reinvention.

Nick was the Editor who gave me my award in New York, and I joke that perhaps it is because he happened to get the highest game score of anyone all weekend.

Brian is the Rhode Island guy that I met last year at the Providence mini-Maker Faire, and he has also been very helpful in providing me networking opportunities and media connections.

So on to the next chapter of this story- just yesterday I met my new group of seniors from Roger Williams University’s Engineering School. Pinventions and I are sponsoring another Senior Design Project, and I’ve
outlined a challenge for the team- to create a “drop-in” programmable control unit that I can use to tie into any old pinball machine to provide new high tech light, sound, and motion effects.

If this pans out, I should be able to drastically shorten my machine build times. Wish us luck!

Until next time…


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