About Pinventions

A Look at Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Play Field

A Look at Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Play Field

Pinventions is my pipe-dream of a business concept. I’m an engineer and an artist (IMHO) who believes that old pinball machines can be restored and re-imagined into playable pieces of art. I believe there is an audience for this work- nostalgic folks who have successfully evolved their minds to keep up with the waves of change in technology and society as a whole.

As we constantly rewire our own brains, adapting to what’s new, we try to retain core values, beliefs, and a framework that we have built over a lifetime of experiences.

So it is with my pinball projects- they start as weathered relics from the 60’s and 70’s- using traditional electro-mechanical (EM) components. Many were abandoned in favor of newer, faster, flashier units with computerized bells and whistles.

But these relics can be rewired and they can be cosmetically reinvented. They can be supplemented and they too can evolve with some new features, while still maintaining a strong traditional foundation.

Here is link to my favorite creation so far- Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out– any Bruce fans out there?

My graphic designs tend to be consistent with the styles from the EM era, but yet still appear fresh. But looking under the hood of these machines you can see that the rewiring is not pretty. Literally new wires tied to old electronics relays that power new computer chips or circuits.

But the core is solid. I hope enough people can appreciate this vision- but I’ll be OK either way.


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