Back to My Roots

Test to show I can control fog

Test to show I can control fog

I’m home in Brownsville PA visiting with my parents- back in the Pittsburgh area that serves as the inspiration for many of my projects. I went to an auction with Mom, Dad, and “Uncle Wib” where I got to take a peek at my roots. I also was obligated to slow down a bit to match the easy pace of retirees.
I enjoyed the change of pace- but I’m not sure I could make it a habit. As I experienced the evening in slow motion (contrasted only by the auctioneer’s lightning quick banter), I observed, I conversed with friendly strangers, and I was surprised how much they already knew about me.
I am thankful that I still have them both, and that my two brothers and our respective families will be together with them later this week.

I bought a portable refrigerator that runs off a car’s cigarette lighter for $20. I planned on using it to cool down the “fog” in the back glass of my next project.

It doesn’t work.

It was worth it anyway.

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